Maeli’s mission

“My passion for Yellow Muscat Fior d’Arancio took root while I sipped on this sweet wine and learnt that it was the wine of cakes and dessert, of ceremonies and banquets, the wine of the Xmas hampers, the wine loved by women, by children and even those who have never understood anything about wine…

The more I drank Fior d’Arancio the more I was convinced that this sparkling wine had nothing in common with the image that sweet Muscat has throughout the world, that is to say a wine that is often sickly sweet of poor quality and low in price.

So it was that I began to taste the very many varieties of Fior d’Arancio Sparkling wine from the Euganean Hills, discovering that the nature of Yellow Muscat, the grape variety from which it derives, is multifaceted.”

(This is an extract from the book Signature Cocktails written by Elisa Dilavanzo)

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Studying and getting the best out of Yellow Muscat Fior d’Arancio, as backed by the Bisol brothers when they brought there 21 generations of experience and love for niche wines into play, is Maeli’s original mission.

The uniqueness of Yellow Muscat Fior d’Arancio, an autochthonous grape variety created from crossing a Muscat with a Chasselas clone, is its ability to express its volcanic origins in the Euganean Hills with class, elegance and longevity allowing it to stand head and shoulders above any other of the world’s Muscat wines. In fact, the Maeli wines best express their aromatic complexity, structure and character at least two years after the grape harvest. But it is the great versatility, depending on which type of wine is being made, that is the most fascinating aspect of this grape.

Up to now Maeli is the only winery to have produced Yellow Muscat in five versions best represented through a unique series of tastings.


The fruit of an idea by Elisa Dilavanzo, this unique experience manages to express the versatility of a grape variety “which we all thought we knew” yet still has more facets to reveal. In particular, travelling this “Road” will allow you to “meet with” Yellow Muscat in all five versions giving root to five very different wines: sweet sparkling, classic method brut nature, semi-sparkling wine bottled on its own yeasts with secondary in-the-bottle fermentation following to ancestral methods, still dry wine, passito withered wine.