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Marl and Loam

The identity of the territory, which has always been at the centre of the Maeli research, has proven its great potential when planted with the Yellow Muscat grape variety which here is known as Fior D’Arancio. The ancient origin of the soil is volcanic, rich in trachyte, chalk and clay that in the vineyard are mixed with marl and loam.

This is where the name Maeli comes from.

Most of the Yellow Muscat vineyards can be found on Monte Pirio inside the National Park of the Euganean Hills in the heart of Veneto. Here nature charms for its breath-taking views overlooking the lagoon of Venice on one side and the Dolomites on the other and for the rich vegetation made up of holly oaks, strawberry trees, broom trees, prickly pears, dog rose shrubs and wild blackberries. This incredible backdrop is the ‘Terre Bianche del Pirio’, where Maeli’s Yellow Muscat holds court.

The variety of the land, the steepness of the hills, the varying exposition of the vineyards, the peculiarities of the micro-climate, the temperature excursions of this face of the hills as well as the rich vegetation, fruit trees and olive trees make up the natural context in which Maeli expresses itself through its wines.


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