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To mark your special occasion, you could choose between our “Special gifts”

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Make a gift of a stay at Casa Maeli in the heart of the Euganean Hills national park.

Wake up to a view of a vineyard, veiled in the silence of nature, savour a glass of unique wine, the fruit of an ancient land with volcanic origins, seek out and breathe in the traditions of charmingly beautiful villages and hamlets, rich in history and culture.


Make a gift of one of our exclusive tastings: "Welcome to Maeli", "Three colors ... red, pink, yellow", or "The Yellow Muscat Road", to get to know the ambassadorial grape variety of the Euganean Hills.

Discover Yellow Muscat in all its versions, from sweet sparkling to classic method brut nature, from semi-sparkling with secondary in-the-bottle fermentation following ancestral tradition to still wines and Passito... Winery visit and tasting five wines paired with a selection of local products.

Only pre-booking

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From our wine cellar...

An assortment of our wines: single or mixed bottles, you choose, and we will pack them!

The collection of our capsules:  an original gift for wine connoisseurs and collectors but also a way to story tell our beautiful land through a series of images.

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